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Test my vocabulary.
Practice spelling.

Welcome to "DictionaryWords.org" a simple online dictionary of vocabulary words with their definitions. The purpose of this website is to browse, study and test yourself on it's dictionary/vocabulary words. Think of DictionaryWords.org as the web's largest vocabulary practice test or a great tool to discover words.
• To navigate the dictionary select a page button from the "Word index" column. Top blue buttons will jump the index to the button's letter. Click the "Random" button to load a random dictionary page.
• To jump to a particular vocabulary word, open the "select word" drop menu and select it. Clicking the "random" button (located above) will jump to a random vocabulary word on the current page.
• To test your vocabulary abilities, click the "Test my vocabulary" button which will transform the page's dictionary words into input fields to enter the correct vocabulary word for it's definition. Input field will have placeholder "hint" text. Correct anwsers will display green. Incorrect anwsers will display red.
• Click "Practice spelling" to transform page's dictionary words into input fields to enter correctly spelled vocabulary word. Word will display as placeholder text within the input field. Upon typing word's first letter placeholder text will clear. Correctly spelled words will display green. Incorrect spellings will display red and clear the input feild for another attempt.
• Above each vocabulary word is the word's "Save" button. Clicking the word's "Save" button will save it into the Saved dictionary words page for further study with the ability to create printable study/test sheets.
• "Dictionary words list" is a list of all dictionary words with the ability to save selected words into a downloadable word list.
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Log Files: This website's webserver records log files. The information inside the log files includes: ip address, date/time stamp, referring page and user agent.
Cookies: This website does not use browser cookies but does use local web storage to saved dictionary words and settings. This website's statistical service will load a third party browser cookie.